Sesame Workshop India


Chamki is a five year old girl muppet, dressed most often, in a school uniform. Chamki is warm, friendly, sensitive and has a knack for problem solving. On the galli, Chamki is hugely popular and a mascot for girl-child education and school readiness in India.


Googly is a six year old, adorable and furry blue monster with a penchant for asking tricky questions, much like the famed googly in his much loved sport - cricket. Usually seen with Chamki in tow, Googly’s inquisitive and playful nature typifies all things new, innovative and off-the-beaten track much like the Radiophone project.


Elmo is a three and a half year old, red and furry monster who loves words on Sesame SchoolHouse . Anchor of the 'word of the day segment', Elmo is cheerful, enthusiastic and loves building his vocabulary capabilities.


Grover is a tall, gangly, dark-blue monster who speaks in a variety of Indian accents. Grover often appears in tandem with his little friend Toto (a monkey) taking on a variety of roles from shop keeper to curious bystander in the galli. Grover is also associated with disruptive fun and learning, much like what we want to achieve at Sesame SchoolHouse


Aanchoo is a purple gypsy who, like research’s newest initiative ACCLAIM, is a storehouse of interesting stories from all over the world. Her enigmatic character can vanish and appear at will and is often insightful, solution-oriented and helps the rest of the galli cast on their many escapades.


Boombah is a eight feet high, pink lion who loves to dance, exercise and eat healthy. From the royal family of Boombahgarh, Boombah is the star drummer on the galli and is often seen with headphones shaking a leg under a tall tree. Boombah is the galli’s loudest roar resounding in every corner and now available for your listening pleasure digitally.


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