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COVID-19 Care

Children learn best through play, as families everywhere are preparing for a  "for now normal". Here is content you can use all day long to spark playful learning in your children, offer them comfort, and focus a bit on yourself too.


Watch, Sing, and Learn together as Elmo, Grover, and friends bring you ways of taking care of each other. Talk to your children about the importance of handwashing, proper way of sneezing and coughing, and more. Tell them that it keeps us healthy and keeps the germs at bay! Act out the steps of handwashing and then practice together.

Mae's Minute | Digital Routines

Elmo's World News | Screen Time Play, Real-Time Play | Hindi

Elmo's World News | Coping with Big Changes

Mae's Minute | Big changes

Elmo's World News | Goodbyes

Mae's Minute | Goodbyes

Me and We Time

Notice, Wonder, Respond

Everyone deserves kindness

Take a break and try again


A fun way of explaining to your kids about the precautionary ways of keeping coronavirus at bay. Staying safe is the best way to take care of your kids in this uncertain time. While staying at home these simple steps can be taught for a long term healthy habit setting.

Make Special Time

Me and We Time

You are Loved

Notice, wonder, respond

Family and friends map

Spread kindness

Everyday Choices

Grover takes a break

Activities we love!

Positive Ideas Jar

Where do YOU feel big feelings?

How do you recognize big feelings?

Observing fear in play

Fear scale

Circle of Care

Gratitude Game

Talking to Children About COVID-19

Caring For Our Children

We Are Safe and Together

Washing Your Hands Maze

E-books and Activity Sheets

While we stay home and stay safe it is important to keep life as normal as possible. Education is directly affected when kids are not able to attend school or attend e-classes. Curriculum aside and reinforcement of foundational habits and learning little by little aids memory and retention. With our wide variety of E-Books and Activity Sheets, you can engage your child in a deep yet fun understanding of their daily learnings.

Managing Screen Time with Children

Big Changes with Children

Coping with Separation Anxiety

Elmo's Big Feelings

Kindness Saves The Day

Let's Play

Staying Healthy

Safe and Sound - Parent/Caregiver Tips

Sneeze and Cough Safely

How to Wash Your Hands

It's Time to Wash Your Hands


While screen time may be limited, knowledge does not have to be. You can now make your child listen to advise and knowledge about coronavirus and precautions against it while you spend quality time with him/her.

Corona Se Na Daro Na

We Are Safe

Social Distancing

Stay Safe From Corona

Boombah Kyon Chup

Chamki's Sad Morning

Kamaal Ka Rumaal