Galli Galli Sim Sim and The Restoring Force make learning science fun!

Galli Galli Sim Sim (GGSS), the Indian version of world-­renowned educational children’s series Sesame Street, in association with The Restoring Force (TRF) today organised a programme on science with children of the Mobile school, Jail Road, Badshahpur, Gurgaon. On the occasion, Mr. Manoj Kaushik from the State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) was the guest of honour and he introduced the children to the Mobile Science Van.

Science is a natural way of thinking and trying to understand the world and it is important for children to explore the world around them through active investigation. GGSS keeps science down-to-earth and capitalises on children’s natural curiosity about the world and makes them see that science is connected to real life. Building on children’s interest in science at an early age is key to building a strong foundation for lifelong interest and success in science and one needs to provide live science experiences, as that is what excites them and builds enthusiasm. This gets lost in classrooms as it is made boring which is why it is important to make science a fun experience and increase both connect and interest in it.

As a part of the programme, children participated in a hands-­on, interactive session in the Mobile Science Van. A special screening of GGSS episodes on exploring science was also arranged, which was followed by a discussion where the children answered queries related to the episodes. The activities were performed with great enthusiasm and the children also enjoyed recording of songs and poems for the Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio Station 107.8 MHz FM programme.

This programme is part of the Galli Galli Sim Sim Radiophone initiative that is supported by Schwab Charitable Fund and aims to address the educational needs of disenfranchised children through a convergence of technologies. It is through this radiophone project that GGSS is now increasing its impact and reaches to families in North and Central India.

Commenting on the occasion, Sashwati Banerjee of Sesame Workshop India the creators of GGSS said, ” Our Galli Galli Sim Sim initiative is targeted towards bringing quality early learning experiences to disadvantaged children across India. We believe that it is playing a critical role in facilitating young Indian children’s basic academic skills as well as life skills, while celebrating India’s rich cultural diversity, in order to promote their overall learning, health, and development.”

According to Arti Jaiman, Station Director, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio Station 107.8 MHz FM, “Our community event at the Bhondsi mobile school pretty much encapsulates what Gurgaon Ki Awaaz and Galli Galli Sim Sim are trying to achieve by working together. We’re leveraging the power of community radio to reach some of the most marginalized populations in Gurgaon along with fantastic and tested educational radio content. Our goal is to significantly bolster the learning material that these children can access, without any cost, and in the most engaging manner possible. “

This unique initiative of Galli Galli Sim Sim Radiophone taking education to every corner of India kicked off last year with Gurgaon ki Awaaz, Gurgaon’s popular community radio station. The program which commenced with a focus on delivering key health and educational messages to children and parents also provides community members with a platform to take up the most critical issues in their town/city. Now the project is reaching over 1.4 million people in partnership with 10 community radio stations in North India and Central India – Chamba & Supi (Uttarakhand), Lalitpur (U.P), Solan (H.P), Mewat, Ghaghas & Gurgaon (Haryana), and Orcha & Shivpuri (M.P).

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The Schwab Charitable Fund was established in 1999 as a donor advised fund to encourage strategic charitable giving. Schwab Charitable is amongst the largest fund raising charities in the United States and a leading national donor advised fund. The charitable organization has raised over 5 billion dollars for philanthropy and has facilitated more than 2 billion dollars in grants for charitable causes. Schwab has developed a strategic approach to philanthropy so as to help donors of all sizes to frame, develop and fulfil their charitable goals

About TRF
The Restoring Force (TRF) is an NGO that has been working for the past 10 years in the District of Gurgaon and parts of Rajasthan in the area of basic educational infrastructure, career counseling for children in government schools, drinking water supply and solar lighting in non-­‐electrified rural clusters. In 2009, TRF set up Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio Station 107.8 FM, a community radio station that provides a platform for voices of marginalized communities in Gurgaon, including local villagers, migrant workers, women and children. The attempt is to bring equity in the right to education, the right to work, and the right to voice.

Till 2011, TRF has counseled over 10,000 children in government schools in Gurgaon Block, lit up with solar lanterns nearly 200 homes in small, non-­‐electrified villages in Rajasthan, and provided basic infrastructure such as bathrooms for boys and girls, safe drinking water, science laboratories, blackboards and staff room furniture in several government schools in Gurgaon. For more information, please visit:

About Galli Galli Sim Sim the initiative
Galli Galli Sim Sim (GGSS) is a multi platform educational initiative by Sesame Workshop India, for children aged 0-­8 years and their caregivers. GGSS is based on a whole child curriculum comprising of five key areas of early childhood development – cognitive learning, social, emotional and physical development and cultural diversity. GGSS’s mission is to create innovative, engaging content that maximizes the educational power of media to help all children understand and work towards fulfilling their highest potential. The goal is to improve the quality of early childhood educational inputs for Indian children.

One pillar of this project is the Galli Galli Sim Sim television show that has been airing on two of India’s leading television channels: POGO and Cartoon Network. The television show is complemented by an educational Page 3 of 3 outreach by Sesame Workshop India whose primary target age is early childhood (0-­8 yrs) with a focus on preschool age children (2-­5 yrs) but also ranging up to 12 yrs in some cases. In conjunction with their work focusing on children, they also recognize the important role of parents and usually target them with materials and communication. In addition, they seek to increase the profile and value of early childhood education among community members and the general public. Over the past two years, SWI has distributed educational materials to over 6,500 preschools in 8 languages in 6 large metro cities in India, reaching over 2,00,000 children and their caregivers. Galli Galli Sim Sim facilitates young Indian children’s basic academic skills as well as life skills, while celebrating India’s rich cultural diversity, in order to promote their overall learning, health, and development.

Sesame Workshop has partnered with Turner Entertainment Networks Asia to produce the Galli Galli Sim Sim television show. Sesame Workshop India manages the Galli Galli Sim Sim initiative in India and spearheads all outreach projects. Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) is the primary funder of our outreach activities along with MetLife Foundation and Schwab Charitable Trust and HSBC.