Nihar Shanti Amla and Sesame Workshop India take Galli Galli Sim Sim on AIR FM Rainbow

Lucknow, September 16, 2016: As part of the recently launched initiative of Nihar Shanti Amla and Sesame Workshop India (SWI) – Learn.Play.Grow has started broadcasting Galli Galli Sim Sim radio episodes on AIR FM Rainbow (Lucknow). These 5 minutes long radio episodes are packed with stories that tickle kids’ imagination as they listen to their favorite characters – Chamki, Googly, and Grover talk about healthy habits, understanding emotions, and language development. You can tune-in to these radio episodes on AIR FM Rainbow (Lucknow) on 100.7 MHz on every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:02 PM with the repeat broadcast on every Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:02 AM. Listeners can also share their feedback about the radio episodes by dialing the toll-free number 07966218098.

The radio episodes align well with the messages of the Learn.Play.Grow initiative which aims to develop stronger school readiness skills among kids by focusing specifically on emergent literacy skills like vocabulary, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, narrative skills, print motivation and print awareness. Learn.Play.Grow is a 12-month program running across 3800 AWCs in Shahjahanpur, Farukkhabad and Kannauj districts of Uttar Pradesh, reaching approximately 70,000 children and their caregivers. The project aims to build the capacity of Anganwadi Workers (AWW) to prepare children for school by using Galli Galli Sim Sim’s (GGSS) early literacy materials in a play-based manner. The project will also educate parents and caregivers about fun and engaging ways to support the child’s literacy development.

The radio episodes cater to different domains of kids’ development- physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and language development. The episodes begin with Grover welcoming the kids and introducing them to the highlight of the episode, followed by Chamki, Googly, and Boombah taking the listeners to the Galli where they discuss the theme of each episode. The episode ends with a foot-tapping song which engages kids as it educates them about the discussed theme. So far Learn.Play.Grow has broadcasted 24 radio episodes on themes like health & hygiene, literacy and social-emotional skills. Few special episodes will soon be produced which will have a special segment with an RJ interaction where the RJ will take live comments and questions from callers.

Anuradha Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited says, “Right from the time when the journey of Nihar Shanti Amla began, the brand undertook the cause of children’s education at the heart of its existence. Since then the brand has been a supporter and enabler of literacy through various initiatives with the most recent one being Learn.Play.Grow aimed towards developing school readiness and emergent literacy skills in children. We have tapped radio as a means of interactively engaging and instilling healthy habits, socio-emotional skills and language proficiency in kids. We are certain that this method of learning will appeal to the physical, cognitive and language development areas of children through their favorite characters thus further taking our purpose of education forward.”

According to Sashwati Banerjee, Managing Director, Sesame Workshop in India, “Research has proven that the brain forms as many as 700 neural connections per second before the age of 5. Access to high-quality education at this age effectively impacts the learning abilities of children later during their primary, middle and higher education. A vast body of research has demonstrated that children who participate in high-quality early childhood programs are more successful throughout their school career, are more competent socially and emotionally, and show better verbal, intellectual and physical development during early childhood than children who are not enrolled in similar programs[i]. Hence, the concept of early childhood education in India needs to move beyond ABCs and 123s and focus on holistic learning of children.”

Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states in India, has almost 20% (31 million) of the total 164 million children aged 0 to 6 years living in India[ii]. Despite achieving 93% school enrolment in UP, only 7.9% children in Std. 1 can read Std. 1 level text or more and, less than 20% children in Std. 2 can read Std. 1 level text or more[iii]. Additionally, ASER data shows that in UP over 65% children aged 3 and over 47% aged more than 4 do not attend any private or public pre-schools in the state. There is an urgent need to create awareness and activation with respect to primary education in the state and the need for a holistic curriculum which addresses the critical areas of child development.

The Learn.Play.Grow initiative is targeted at addressing these current challenges in the pre-primary education space in Uttar Pradesh by providing engaging Galli Galli Sim Sim materials (print, audio, visual and digital) and now the Galli Galli Sim Sim radio episodes for the children in the AWCs and the community at large.


About Sesame Workshop India Trust

Sesame Workshop India Trust is leading the movement to change the educational paradigm through its innovative projects that put children at the center of development. Under our flagship initiative Galli Galli Sim Sim, we work in low resourced classrooms and communities to bring children and their caregivers’ language and strategies that have proven impact on their literacy, numeracy, physical wellbeing and social-emotional skills. Since 2007, we have reached over 5 million children across India in partnership with the government, other nonprofit organizations and the corporate sector in our mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

About Marico Limited

Marico (BSE: 531642, NSE: “MARICO”) is one of India’s leading Consumer Products Group, in the global beauty and wellness space. During 2014-15, Marico recorded a turnover of about Rs. 57 billion (USD 940 Million) through its products sold in India and about 25 other countries in Asia and Africa.

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Marico’s focus on sustainable profitable growth is manifest through its consistent financial performance, a CAGR of 18% in Turnover and 15% in Profits over the past 5 years.

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[ii] Census 2011
[iii] Education Status Report – Uttar Pradesh, Catalyst Management Services (CMS), CEI – India, Nov 2013