Play 'N' Learn

Digital intervention to help raise learning outcomes in marginalized communities.

The Need

Comprehensive surveys by the Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) indicates that 6 to 16 years-old in rural schools consistently perform below school standards. Challenges include lack of engaging content in classrooms, a shortage of teachers, low motivation and poor infrastructure.

The Intervention

The Play 'N' Learn project aimed at providing digital-based learning in low-resourced classrooms and communities to improve learning outcomes.A set of 25 games was introduced in community and classroom settings to improve vocabulary,comprehension,STEM concepts,identifications of shapes,shadows,habitats,numbers,alphabets and spatial understanding.In addition, the project promoted sanitation and hygine-related skills such as hand washing, using the toilet, keeping the toilet clean and wearing slippers to toilet.

Nayi Seekh, Nayi Soch

"One thing that the initiative has done really well is that it has taken out books and incorporated them into stories, mathematical concepts like shapes, counting, and language concepts which the children find very interesting. While playing the children learn a lot from this." -Manu Khatri, Deputy Director – Education, Central Zone, SDMC, New Delhi


The project was conducted in a marginalized community in Delhi in its first phase and in government-run schools in Delhi and Bihar in its second phase.


The project reached 55,000 children in India. It also offered Galli Galli Sim Sim (GGSS) educational games on Google Play and on our website to people all across India.


 •  Children exposed to GGSS in Class 1 classrooms showed 3 times improvement in word knowledge and imagination as compared to other children

•  Class 1 and 2 children from the community had more than 1.5 times improvement in scores for word knowledge and imagination as compared to children not exposed to GGSS

•  Class 1 and 2 children from the community had more than 2.5 times improvement in scores for Hindi comprehension as compared to children not exposed to GGSS resources.



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